Stock the Bar Invitation

This invitation was one that I was really excited to make. I started on it forever ago, just because I couldn't contain my excitement! I love everything about it, especially the ping-pong ball in action :)


Truckin' -- 2nd Birthday Invitations for Cole

I loved designing these invitations for Cole's second birthday. Aren't they perfect for a little guy's big celebration?
Too cute!


New: Notepads!

I have been creating designs for notepads ever since I included them in my 'will you be my bridesmaid' boxes that I gave my best gals. I even made some for myself -- Notes from the Bride to Be, and The Future Mrs. Davis. I am an avid note-writer and love cutesy paper, so custom notepads are right up my alley! I can create note pads in all sizes, for all occasions, with any design/wording. New to, and now available from Chelsea Davis Designs, custom notepads!